Sewer Study Committee


  • Robert Decker, III, Member
  • John P. Paciorek, Member

Charge to Committee

  • To comprehensively study the Deerfield Wastewater Treatment Facilities, including stormwater catch-basins and cisterns, underground pipes, lift stations, pumps, and the Old Deerfield and South Deerfield Wastewater Treatment Plants,
  • To determine age, condition, and expected useful and safe lifetime of same;
  • To study new and emerging strategies and techniques for managing and treating wastewater; further,
  • To recommend such strategies, practices, improvements, technologies, and short- and long-range plans for stormwater and wastewater management, treatment, and disposition as the committee deems efficient, economical, and equitable;
  • To persistently and cooperatively engage and consult with the superintendent of public works operations, the Chief Operator of the wastewater treatment facilities, the Deerfield Conservation Commission, the Deerfield Planning Board, the Deerfield Capital Improvements Plan committee, and any other town entities, boards, departments or employees as they see fit;
  • To seek appropriation of funds, grants or other such monies in order to secure services of any expert consultant, engineer, or other non-municipal individual or agency as may be needed in order to complete the work;
  • To complete its studies and deliberations, and prepare a final comprehensive report, detailing the committees activities and recommendations; and
  • To present the committee's Final Report to the Deerfield Selectboard, the Capital Improvements Plan Committee, the Planning Board, the Conservation Commission, the Town Administrator and the Town Clerk, no later than December 31, 2017.

Finally, I would recommend that the Committee be encouraged to make use of the services, counsel, and reports provided to date from Weston and Sampson Engineering, and Dave Prickett Consulting, both being highly qualified firms, and both having invested time and effort in studying the Deerfield Wastewater Treatment Facility in the town's behalf.