Open Enrollment 2023: April 18 to May 22

This year, Open Enrollment is from April 18th to May 22nd.

It is an opportunity for all benefitted employees to make changes to their current insurance coverage or add new coverage without a qualifying event (example: marriage or having a baby).

Any changes / enrollments completed during Open Enrollment become effective the following July 1st.

Rates & Costs

  • View the Fiscal Year 2024 Rate Sheet.
  • Health Insurance Rates are up 6%
  • Dental Insurance Rates are down 8%
  • There are no changes in co-pay costs or Rx deductible schedule from last year

How to Enroll

To enroll: Submit completed enrollment forms and supporting paperwork to the Treasurer's office in person, by mail, email, or drop box at the Deerfield Town Hall before May 22nd.

Enrollment forms are available on our website or at the Deerfield Town Hall.

Questions? Call Sarah Kimball at 413-665-1400, ext. 102 or email Sarah Kimball during these dates!