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BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance

Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust

View the Hampshire Group Insurance Trust Files and Forms.

  • 98 King Street, Northampton, MA
    Phone: 413-584-1300

Enrollment Form

View the Enrollment Form (PDF).

HMO Plan

PPO Plan

MEDEX Plan (Over 65)

CVS Caremark

CVS Caremark

  • New Prescription Information for HMO + PPO members only (effective 7/1/21)
  • ExpressScripts is being replaced by CVS Caremark
  • All affected members will receive a new CVS Caremark prescription card
  • Visit CVS Caremark to create your account (it is quick and easy!)
  • You do not have to use the CVS pharmacy - you may continue to use the pharmacy of your choosing

CVS Caremark Prescription Summary (PDF)

If you need help/have questions - call the 1-800 phone number on the CVS Caremark letter that you received


Are You (or Your Enrolled Spouse) Turning 65 Soon?

  • If so, you will need to apply for Medicare at least 3 months prior to your 65th birthday.
  • Please give our office a call so that we can help guide you through this time-restrictive process at 413-665-1400, ext. 102

Active Employee (or Spouse of)

  • Apply for eligibility of Medicare Part A (deferring Part B until retirement)
  • There is no cost to enroll in Part A and no change to insurance coverage.
  • Treasurer's office needs a copy of the Medicare card before you turn 65.

Retired Employee (or Spouse of)

  • Apply for Medicare Part A + B
  • If eligible, member turning 65 will switch to MEDEX 2 with MedicareRx
  • Treasurer's office needs a copy of the Medicare card, completed Enrollment Form, and MedicareRx before you turn 65.


No Copay Prescription Program


Fitness Reimbursement (up to $150 / Year)

View the Fitness Reimbursement (PDF).

  • New on-demand fitness classes - Unlimited access to 10-60 Minute workouts online!
  • Yoga, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pre-Natal/Post-Natal, Cardio and much more!
  • Access Code = HCGIT


Childbirth Class Reimbursement

(Up to $90 for 1st-time parents and $45 for refresher course)

View the Childbirth Class Reimbursement (PDF).


Identity Protection Services

Sign up for the Identity Protection Services for the following free of charge to BCBS members:

  • Credit Monitoring
  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit and Identity Repair


Weightloss Program Reimbursement Form (up to $150 / Year)

View the Weightloss Program Reimbursement Form (PDF).

claim form

Subscriber Claim Form

View the Subscriber Claim Form (PDF).


Emergency Room Alternatives

View the Emergency Room Alternatives (PDF).