At what ratio is property assessed?

100% of full and fair cash value.

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1. What are the current tax rates?
2. At what ratio is property assessed?
3. What does 100% of full and fair cash value mean?
4. How do I check the valuation of a property?
5. How do I check on the ownership of property?
6. Do you have a book and page reference?
7. Can I find out when a property was sold?
8. Do you have sales reports?
9. How do I change my mailing address for tax billing?
10. What is the assessment date of all property?
11. Whose name goes on the tax bill?
12. If a property is sold, when will the bill reflect the new ownership?
13. How do I change a name on my property / tax bill?
14. How often are tax bills issued?
15. When are tax bills due?
16. When do I file for an abatement for overvaluation?
17. Who is eligible to file for an abatement?
18. Where do I file applications for abatement?
19. Where do I get applications for abatement?
20. Are abatement applications public records?
21. If the Town denies my application, do I have any recourse?
22. What happens if my abatement is approved?
23. How much was the assessment reduced?