Important Dates

January 1st

  • Property Tax Assessment Date for the fiscal year beginning the subsequent July 1st - This is the effective date for assessed values for all property except new construction, which is assessed up until June 30th.
  • For example, properties are assessed as of January 1, 2008 for fiscal year 2009, which begins July 1, 2008.

March 1st

  • Form of List due for personal property disclosure.
  • Form 3ABC due for non-profit organizations.

May 1st

  • Deadline for payment of 2nd half of property tax bill.

June 30th

  • Physical inventory of all parcels that have added new construction or improvements on a parcel between January 1st and June 30th. The assessment of real estate parcels will be based on the buildings, structures, and other physical improvements that are part of the parcel on June 30th, instead of those as of January 1st.

July 1st

  • New fiscal year begins.
  • Qualification date for personal exemptions.

October 1st

  • Last date to file application to have land valued and taxed as Forestry land.
  • Last date to file application to have land valued and taxed as Agricultural/Horticultural or Recreational land.
  • November 1st (or 30 Days After Issue of 1st Half Tax Bill)
  • Deadline to pay first half of property tax bill.